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Rudy likes his vintage 3-speed chopper, riding his bike in the woods and fishing. But what he doesn’t like is THAT DOG! In this coming of age tale, Rudy has to answer the call to the hro’s adventure using the life lessons he’s gained through fishing.

A National Indie Excellence Award recipient with 37 detailed illustrations makes this neuro inclusive story a creative and entertaining reminder of the virtues we strive for daily. Parents will be happy to know that a 45-60 minute read will inspire a greater understanding of: patience, perseverance, problem solving, respect, gratitude, chnaging your perspective to help understand yourself and others better...and discovering friendships by taking chnaces making new ones. For children 8 - 108 6”x9” 106 pages

Copyright Monica Zane 2020 Published 2021 ISBN: 978-1-7367213-0-8   106 Pages

  This wonderful Children’s book is for people of all ages. Monica has woven pastimes of childhood treasures into this story’s Coastal environment to portray a magical world...this is a wonderful gift to give someone or yourself. - Roasted Beat Literary Magazine

  This story can be shared to help all children navigate differences in a way that embraces inclusion. Part of this hero’s adventure is to find what is valuable in the way that our hero thinks and the way that he sees the world and how he relates to his first it is a disadvantage and then it becomes an advantage. - Atlantic City Press

  I heartily recommend this charming journey of discovery and self awareness, which teaches all of us in an insightful, humanistic way to recognize, focus and hone our talents, no matter how neurologically diverse, in order to participate and achieve in the world and contribute to it. The story’s illustrations are glorious in their detail. - The Paper Peddler


It is our great pleasure to inform you that you are a Finalist in the 15th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards. Your book embodies the standards of excellence that this award was created to celebrate. We salute your talents and our Jurors truly respect each of the final works that are honored this year.

The National Indie Excellence® Awards celebrate independent publishing as a strong and vital sector of our industry. Recognizing excellence in all aspects of the final presentation, NIEA champions self-publishers and the independent presses who produce the highest quality books across a spectrum of metrics. Established in 2005, NIEA’s entrants are meticulously judged by experts from various facets of the book industry profession including publishers, editors, authors and designers.

Winners and Finalists are determined on the basis of superior written matter coupled with excellent presentation in every facet of the final published product from cover to cover. Our range of Sponsorship Awards and the cash prizes awarded by the Juror’s Choice are selected from the overall group of winners and Finalists.

"This past year’s entries stand as a testament to the art of self-publishing. Once a small sector of the industry, self and independent publishing has now grown to rival that of the bigger players. The National Indie Excellence® Awards proudly cheer these authors for their enduring vision, talents, and dedication." – Doug Fogelson, President National Indie Excellence® Awards